Sales Artists
These are member artists who take part in Credit Valley Artisan sales of their works. If you see a piece that you want to purchase or have a commission that you want to have created - please contact the artist of your choice.

Cynthia Andreychuk - Ceramics, Fine Art

Frank Anthony
- Stained Glass

Barbara Ariss - Fine Art

Heather Brownridge - Stained Glass, Ceramics

Angela Coleman - Fine Art

Roy Frost - Stained Glass

Shelli Harrison - Ceramics - Stained Glass

Kathie Hopkins - Fine Art

Susan Kerr - Stained Glass

Eric Kohlfurst - Special Needs Art, Art Cards

Merry Little - Weaving & Spinning - Fibre Arts

Carolyn Martin - Fine Art - Ceramics

Helen McLoughlin - Ceramics

Connie Munson- Fine Art

Frans Rood - Ceramics - Raku & Functional

Dawn Rumsey - Ceramics

Rose Scully/Stasierowski - Fine Arts

Margaret Searle - Hand Weaver

Alison Sharp - Ceramics

Kim Taylor - Fine Art

Brenda Tolton - Glass

Milly Tseng - Little Treasures in Fine Art, Paintings

Elaine Turkington - Fine Art

Rose Ann Vita - Fine Arts