Winter 2017

Batik - Painting With Wax and Dye:

Instructor:  Stephanie Schirm         Website:   



Painting with Wax and Dye = 2 day workshop - October 23 & 30, 2015

Batik is usually associated with fabric designs from Indonesia.

This workshop introduces how to apply the traditional Batiking technique to creative painting of landscape, still life and portrait painting.

Students will learn the step by step process of applying wax and dyes with their brush, resulting in a finished piece of their own creations.

Drawing or painting ability is not necessary with this workshop, so all those interested are welcome.

Dates:    TBA - please enquire -

Times:     1:00 - 4:00 pm

Members:  $  125     Non-Members:  $ 150         

Please bring a lunch with you. There is coffee, tea, and snacks available and a microwave and refrigerator.

Every lesson includes the elements and principals of design.