Plein Air

Fall 2018     

Christy Michalak         Website: 

This series of workshops is intended to move art students from a studio painting setting to being able to finish a landscape painting in three hours, from life.  You will learn the skills that will allow you to participate in 2 Plein Air Festivals happening in Halton Hills this summer!

Plein Air 1 - working with Oils

For many, loosening up and simplifying in order to make a quick work will be a big challenge.

So focus is on:
- Creating a 2/3 tone notan sketch of the scene
- Simplifying the images in photographs to pick out the main elements
Images will be provided to work from.
- Day 1: Christy will do a demo and incorporate some non-painting activities (notan sketching, laying out composition, choosing design elements) for participants.
- Day 2: You will complete a painting indoors, focusing first on monochrome underpainting
- Day 3: You will complete a full painting - also indoors
Note: Bring your Sketchbook & soft pencil (4 or 6B recommended)

Materials Provided by CVA:
- 2  8x10 or 11x14 canvases per participant
- oil paints, mediums, paper towels
- brushes

Dates: 3 Sundays TBA
  1:00 - 4:00pm

Cost:  $100 (CVA members $90)


Plein Air 2 - working with ALL mediums

Moving outside:

- Build a notan and composition working outside
- Still close to home base so students can use CVA easels, paints, etc.
Note: Bring your Sketchbook & soft pencil (4 or 6B recommended)

We take our skills outside and start to evaluate real landscapes. This course will be based in Cedarvale Park - close to the CVA cottage &/or Norval LMM Caretaker's Cottage so those without Plein Air equipment can come and try out their techniques using supplied resources and we will have a base close to the site.

Materials & Equipment provided by CVA for an additional charge of $20/day:

- 2 8x10 or 11x14 canvas boards, pre-primed with 3 layers of acrylic gesso.
- Oil Paints in basic colours or watercolours, acrylic, guache or pastels
- mediums
- Brushes
- easels

Note: If you prefer - we will provide watercolour, acrylic, guache, or pastel supplies and materials.

 Supply list:

- Sketchbook & Soft Pencil
- 2 or 3 8x10 or 11x14 canvas boards - or masonite boards, pre-primed with 3 layers of acrylic gesso, sanded in between
- Oil paints and Mediums or
Watercolour, Pastel, or Acrylic supplies.
- Plein Air easel, or regular easel that you can carry
- Stool (if you want to sit)
- Paper Towels

Dates: 2 Sundays TBA
  10:00am - 4:00pm (bring a lunch)
$30 / day or both for $50 (supplies & equipment provided for $20/day extra)