Beginner Encaustics!

Winter 2017

Beginners Encaustic Workshop:

Instructor:  TBA                                                                    Website:   


This course will teach you the following topics:

This 2 day workshop will allow participants to learn the basic foundation skills of encaustic painting. The program will explore the history of encaustic painting as students practice different techniques such as embedding images and fabrics into an finished encaustic piece. Tools such as hot irons, heat guns, pyrography pens, scraping implements will be utilized..
Great chance to try it out and see if you like it before you invest in buying your own supplies and appliances.

Dates/Times:    Saturday TBA   1:00am - 4:00pm  &  Sunday TBA  1:00pm - 4:00pm

Cost:      Members:  $  115     Non-Members:  $ 125

Notes:    Encaustic art is art which is made by melting wax and using it as a pigment medium. The result is a rich, vibrant, textural work of art which can be endlessly manipulated with an assortment of tools. the texture of the finished work can be altered with the assistance of heat lamps and similar tools which will soften the wax, allowing artists to manipulate it and embed objects into the painting.

Supply List:
  • Sketch book
  • Objects to embed into paintings
  • Masonite or Board Supports (some will be provided)
  • Oil paints or Dry pigments
encaustic materials and supplies/implements/appliances will be provided